Why Mystic is One of the Best Places to visit in Connecticut

Downtown Mystic is One of the Best Places to Visit in Connecticut

There’s a lot to love about the state of Connecticut, and it’s the perfect place for those living in New York City, Boston, or other nearby big cities to escape.  Though there are plenty of great places to visit, we think Mystic is easily one of the best places to visit in Connecticut.  Perhaps it’s […]

Top 3 Things You’ll Love at the Mystic Aquarium

3 Things to love about the Mystic Aquarium Near our Connecticut Bed and Breakfast

There’s a lot to do in the charming town of Mystic, which we would truly classify as a great 4-season destination. One of our favorite activities, though, is a visit to the Mystic Aquarium, especially during these chilly winter months. The Mystic Aquarium is actually one of the most unique aquarium experiences in the state […]

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