Don’t Miss the Famous Connecticut Fall Foliage

connecticut fall foliageConnecticut fall foliage has long been lauded as one of the most beautiful displays of the changing seasons in the northeast. This year, experts and foresters in the state are calling for a particularly colorful season. This is wonderful for you weekend beauty seekers looking to witness the colors sometime this fall, especially if you already have a soft spot for the Mystic, Connecticut coast. Offering both the beautiful and vibrant peak colors, Connecticut also has the more unique and subtle colors of seaside marshes that change just as the trees do. Come explore the diversity of Connecticut fall foliage this year for a weekend of outdoor adventures.

Connecticut Fall Foliage Season

Connecticut fall foliage has been a favorite among nature lovers for years, largely because it is an exceptionally long season. Experts are predicting that the peak colors will happen around Columbus Day, which is October 10th through the 12th this year. The colors, especially those along the coast, are predicted to last in little pops and spurts into early November, giving visitors well over a month to visit our beautiful state and appreciate the foliage and crisp cool weather. With the great rainfall levels of the summer, the experts are predicting an especially colorful year, as the trees are healthy!

Where to Catch the Connecticut Fall Foliage

  • The Coast – Few people associate the coast with Connecticut fall foliage, but it is truly a delightful place to witness the cycle of seasons. The marsh grasses and short coastal trees offer a uniquely beautiful and subdued shift from the glowing greens to sparkling golds and oranges as they prepare for winter. The low growing glasswort is a favorite to catch in the wetlands. While staying in the Mystic area, you are also just a short drive from the mouth of the Connecticut River in Old Lyme. It is a little known fact that the colors last the longest along the shore of the state’s largest river, so make the trip for a walk along its waters when here! The drive down  the coast on Route 1 will give you yet more opportunity to take in more Connecticut fall foliage.
  • The Goodwin State Forest – Just an hour’s drive inland from the Mystic coast, the Goodwin State Forest is a great chance for a colorful nature walk this autumn season. The multi use  trails and boardwalks are the perfect place from which to witness the gorgeous Connecticut fall foliage while getting some great fresh air and exercise, and the drive promises to be a beautiful one. The drive along Route 6 is also known for its spectacular foliage scenes.
  • Pechaug State Forest – Home to the gorgeous Mt. Misery Overlook, you can drive directly to this view of the area’s changing colors, or get out and enjoy one of Pechaug’s many miles of hiking trails.

Whether you prefer scenic drives or getting out in the fresh air for some walks through the woods to appreciate the Connecticut fall foliage, our state has it all to offer you this autumn season. Don’t miss a chance to get away and appreciate nature’s beauty this year!

For more ideas of things to do when here enjoying the Connecticut fall foliage, download this free Mystic vacation guide or schedule a visit to enjoy a stay with us and a ride aboard a historic train to enjoy Connecticut fall foliage at its peak!

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