Head to Friar Tuck’s in Mystic & More Breweries in Connecticut

Friar Tuck's in Mystic and more breweries in Connecticut

The art of brewing dates back to Colonial times in New England, and the industry continues to this day in Mystic and beyond. One of our favorite places to grab a beer is Friar Tuck’s in Mystic, a long-time Irish tavern for visitors and locals alike to enjoy an impressive tap list of locally and […]

The Best Breweries in Connecticut near Mystic

Breweries in Connecticut

The history of brewing beer in New England is fascinating, and it’s been through peaks and valleys. Brewing ales date back to the Colonial days in New England when the beverage was often imbibed in place of water. The tavern was a gathering space for generals, government officials, and militiamen to talk politics and laws. […]

Check Out These Fantastic Breweries Near Mystic CT

breweries near mystic ct

Any season is beer season along the Connecticut Beer Trail! And, when you visit the breweries near Mystic CT, you’ll get a taste of what makes our area so great. There are many great reasons to visit breweries when you go on vacation, principally because beer is good and vacation is a fantastic time to […]

Why the Beer’d Brewing Company is One of the Best in Connecticut

Enjoying beer at Beer'd Brewing Company

All beer enthusiasts know that there’s nothing better than visiting a brewery with good friends to try a new brew! New England is well-known for its countless, incredible breweries that make and distribute some of the most intricate and satisfying beers in the country. One of these amazing breweries is the Beer’d Brewing Company, headquartered […]

Some of the Most Amazing Events Hosted by the CT Beer Trail

Enjoy a Beer at a CT Beer Trail Event

Connecticut is a beloved portion of the New England area for many reasons.  The many incredible towns found here are filled with entertaining activities, delightful dining, fascinating attractions, and so much more.  However, Connecticut’s beer scene is one particular attribute of this state that countless people adore, both visitors and locals alike.  The CT Beer […]

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